David HykesWelcome to this portal site about my life, work, and music, as well as the contemplative studies, teachings and practices which inform and animate it… I basically plan on sharing and honoring the many blessings of my life journey here. Since being born “this time” in Taos, New Mexico in 1953, it’s been an amazing voyage of discovery. My life has been incredibly blessed by amazing spiritual teachers, and wonderful people and experiences of all kinds.

These days,  I’m best known for my international musical work as composer, singer, and teacher of contemplative music and meditative awareness practices, especially Harmonic Chant, which I’ve been developing since 1975 as a universal music of the spheres.  Harmonic Chant is an integral system of  music and knowledge about mind, meditation and medicine, informed by  decades of (ongoing) studies of sacred and traditional music and meditation systems, especially now in relation to Tibetan Buddhism,  but with essential blessings from the Gurdjieff Work, Christianity, and both spiritual and musical dimensions of India.   I’ll discuss all this later.  I have many extraordinary stories to share with you about the wonderful masters I’ve had the privilege to know.  My musical practice, compositions and teachings are both a form of gratitude, and a path of self-transformation– of transformative re-attunement to reality.  It’s a form of service, dedicated to the harmony and understanding available in every moment. It’s a way of reattunement to original Reality itself, present in us as our most naked, pure and luminous awareness, beyond all concepts and ideology.  I’ve been there and I’m working on being that.  Harmonic Chant upholds the contemplative, transcendental, healing and sacred dimensions of contemplative sound and listening awareness in a way which I do believe can be helpful to  my fellow sentient beings.

I’ll  be sharing here various principles and practices of  my contemplative awareness and meditative teachings, called the Harmonic Presence work.  I’ll also be sharing  a wide range  of my other artistic and personal work,  including other musical work, going back to my first composition, Harmonic Tissues (1971), and  my visual and audiovisual art work, including the new Harmonic Vision system of audiovisualization. I’ll also be sharing writings, podcasts and videos of concerts and teachings, extensive photography work, and observations and insights about my life as a human being on a planet like this in times like these.

One key theme for the networking aspect of this portal-blog will be in support of the transdisciplinary work of our Harmonic Presence Foundation to integrate contemplative music into the rapidly evolving field of contemplative neuroscience and “mind training,” inspired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and increasing recognition of the benefits of mindfulness practice and awareness training in all aspects of modern life.  A major highlight of 2008 was our giving the closing evening program and concert at the Mind and Life Institute’s summer research intensive.  I was so delighted to be on the faculty, and to share our Harmonic Presence work as it relates to the integration of mind, music, mediation and medicine.